Elisia Menduni

Elisia Menduni is a journalist and food critic. She writes and talks about food and cuisine, which has always been her foremost passion. An expert in bread and food combinations, Asian cuisine and Mediterranean culture, for years she has been exploring southern Italy in search of the authentic fragments of cooking, material culture and artisanship in food and wine production. A researcher with a passion for new media and digital communication, she goes from the written word to the story, from journalism to video language.


Adriano Brusaferri

For Adriano Brusaferri, who lives in Milan, photography is his passion as well as his profession. And he has pursued his passion as a photographer since he was an adolescent, something he still does today. He has spent many years taking pictures of food, fashion, the most beautiful homes, fabrics, doing reportage, among other things. One of his dreams is a prefabricated, eco-sustainable house, located in some isolated place, but with a view of the sea, in Corsica. He loves Cape Town, where he often travels to, and which he sees as being an experimental city, with a melting-pot atmosphere from which almost anything can grow.

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