copertina“SICILIA, the cooking of Planeta family” is a cookery tale about a family and a land, Sicily, which is composed of different territories. It is a travel made of cooking through a land which is the result of several cultural layers, cookery details and knowledge that are naturally accomplished in cooking. We spent one and a half year to create the volume, which originally was to be a collection of the cooking classes at La Foresteria Planeta. Travels, long days spent cooking, taking pictures, meeting the local producers and tasting products, as well as street food and family cooking were the starting points of the book, which developed snapshot by snapshot.
When we selected the final recipes for the book to create a balance in reading, when we chose the passages and the images among the thousands of pictures to create the structure of the volume, and above all when, at the end, after hard work of one year or more, the book was sent for print, we realized that the project “SICILIA, the cooking of Planeta family” could not end in just 285 pages. So much material and research and so many pictures had been left out and we still felt eager to tell and tell.
That’s why we created this blog.
Digital world is cheap and can be continuously updated, and the small cookery notes that don’t fit in a book become here precious sparks for stories.
There is also another reason why we decided to keep on speaking of food and cooking in this blog: written recipes define a culinary code, display a dish in quantities, rules, gestures and techniques. Yet cooking is also made of never-ending revolutions thanks to changes, personalization, versions, adaptations and adjustments.
Here you have a good story: the first 3 copies of the book were given to Zie Carolina, Annamaria and Marina. After a look at the first pages, Zia Anna Maria said that we should think about the next book because too many recipes had been left out and because her pastry (orange biscuits) had changed again!
In this space we will write about cooking, recipes, dinners, parties, events, tastings, producers, raw materials, and also about all the pastries to come.

Francesca Planeta, Adriano Brusaferri & Elisia Menduni retro

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